Who’s who in the world of Keto at Putia Cooking School? Fleur Sharpe

Fleur is a star in the kitchen and it all comes down to what she does for a Keto food plan with her trusty Thermomix.

keto - Fleur Sharpe at Putia Cooking School

Dominique Rizzo proudly introduces Fleur Sharpe another of our favourite cooking class facilitators at Putia Cooking School. Together they have been shaping the Brisbane cooking class scene with their low carb Keto Thermomix workshops. Every new release of their workshop sells out in a flash.

Let’s hear more about Fleur.

Fleur is an established and passionate cook in both conventional and Thermomix style cooking, who presents many of our classes at Putia School.

Fleur was born and raised in Toowoomba, Queensland, where she learned to love cooking with good simple ingredients from her Mother and Grandmothers. Growing up she was given free rein to experiment in the kitchen.

Moving to Brisbane in 1991 and now the mother of 2 teenagers, Fleur still loves to cook from scratch just like her mother and grandmothers did, but knows firsthand how challenging that can be in today’s modern world.

“I always aspired to be like my Nan, making every single thing her family ate from scratch with whole ingredients and a lot of LOVE but that took up most of her time. When I had my own growing family and working as well it was almost impossible to cook from scratch daily which meant we ate a lot of processed and take away foods”, Fleur says.

“But that all changed the day a good friend introduced me to the wonders of the Thermomix®. I fell in LOVE with the machine instantly and a few months later became a consultant. That was over 8 years ago now.”

Keto - Fleur Sharpe facilitator at Putia Cooking School

“Over the past 8 years, I have gathered a lot of knowledge around solving the biggest kitchen challenges. I know people want meals that are quick, simple, delicious and cost-effective and I can help them achieve that with their Thermomix® or other thermal cookers”, Fleur adds.

“Cook Live Love” is Fleur’s business born out of her passion for helping people COOK easily to LIVE a better life and LOVE the ones around them.  If you would like to know more about Fleur’s cooking style, you can catch up with her new online Thermomix course at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/cook-live-love-with-fleur-sharpe-17716738081

Meanwhile, Fleur and Dominique will present their next Low Carb / Keto  Thermomix Workshops on the 21st March and 26th March 2019 and although these events are booked out, keep watching the Putia Cooking Class schedule for the release of new classes or subscribe to stay in touch for all the latest news and class updates.


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