How to make Watermelon Creme Fraiche Canapés

If you are looking for fabulous Summer entertaining ideas that are easy to prepare then this recipe is perfect for you.   How to make Watermelon Creme Fraiche Canapés, is made even better when there is no cooking involved.

How to make Watermelon creme fraiche canapes - Chef Dominique Rizzo

What you need is –

a cookie cutter, melon baller and sharp knife;

watermelon, creme fraiche, cucumber, few black olives, fresh dill.

How to make watermelon creme fraiche canapes - plate of watermelon canapes

Let’s go….

Take a watermelon, peel it and cut it into 25mm thick slices;
Use a cooker cutter to cut out cylinders of the melon;
Then scoop a small ball out of the cylinder with a melon baller.

Mix the grated cucumber into the creme fraiche;
Add a small teaspoonful of the creme fraiche mix into the watermelon hole;
Top with a few delicate slices of olives and fresh dill.

The playfulness of these colours makes for an enticing presentation of these tasty bites especially when served with champagne garnished with melon balls.

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If you would like more tips like this, then follow Chef Dominique Rizzo on her YouTube Channel and at her Putia Pure Food Kitchen Channel.
For more of Dominique’s recipes and ideas for canapes, go to her cookbook “My Taste of Sicilly”

How to make a Watermelon and Creme Fraiche Canapé - Plate of mixed canapes.

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