Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia

What’s for breakfast at Putia Pure Food Kitchen when eggs are not on your list?  If you are not eating eggs because you are vegan or if it’s a dietary choice, then we have you covered.   Here are our Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia.

Black sticky rice pudding - Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia

# 1  Black Sticky Rice Pudding with pineapple, passionfruit, lychee and mint.  It’s vegan and gluten free.

coconut-raspberry-bread -Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia

# 2 Coconut and Raspberry Bread, with lemon marmalade butter and lightly dusted with icing sugar.  It’s gluten free and available as dairy free too.

Granola-Megan-Rizzo -Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia

#3 Granola of quinoa and buckwheat served with coconut yoghurt, blackberries, lime compote and poached mandarin. Another vegan and gluten free dish.   Photo with complements of Megan Rizzo at Studio Fascino.

Top 5 Egg free breakfast options at Putia - Cuca sardines_pickled fennel


#4 The distinctive flavours of Spanish Cuca sardines (so rich in omega-3) balanced beautifully with pickled fennel, tangy capers and dill served with Creme fraiche on rye toast.

Breakfast of sides - Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia

# 5 Create your own “Sides” breakfast and choose your favourite vegetable side: roast tomato, potato beignet, mushroom, capsicum peperonata or avocado; and

Add in your can’t-do-without protein: Putia’s house smoked salmon, pork sausage, smoked bacon or halloumi.

Besan fritters, halloumi -Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia

Finally look out for  Putia’s regular Egg-free breakfast specials like this Besan fried red tomato fritter with grilled halloumi, asparagus and pistachio dukkah.

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