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Chef Dominique Rizzo is proud to introduce Patricia Frederick at Putia Pure Food Kitchen Cooking School as one of her very special guest facilitators specialising in fermented foods.

Chef Patricia Field - Cooking School Putia

Meet Chef Patricia Frederick from Warmly Nourished

Patricia is a healthy foodie who has always been a keen cook from a young age. In 2001 she left a corporate career to pursue her foodie passions and completed the Cordon Bleu Grand Diploma as a qualified chef.

After working in restaurants and hotels, Patricia started managing Commercial Kitchens within Sydney Boarding Schools. Working with students’ diets fired her passion for healthy diets and lead to more work in nutrition and creating healthier food for children aged from 12 to 18. Based on what Patricia was learning she wanted to expand her knowledge and started working as a Whole food Chef and started her own personal chef meal delivery service.

Patricia continued to build on her strong nutrition foundation to add to her ongoing work with food, and started studying nutrition. Patricia holds a certificate from Nature Care College in Sydney and is also a certified Health Coach; having gained her credentials from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York (US).

Like Chef Dominique Rizzo, Patricia is passionate about healthy food and is on a lifelong mission to help others eat the healthiest food possible, ensuring what we eat nourishes our bodies and not disease.

Chef Patricia Fields - Cooking School Putia

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Catching up with Patricia at Putia is easy, just book into her class “Adventures in Fermentation” on Wednesday 10 October 2018 at Putia Pure Food Kitchen School.

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