Garden to plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen

Garden to plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen with Basilea Living Herbs

At Putia we often talk about how we value our local producers and the quality of their produce that makes our food so fresh, healthy and delicious. That’s the difference that counts.   Basilea Living Herbs is special for exactly that reason.

Garden to Plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen - Basilea Living Herbs flowers

Chef Dominique Rizzo and Head Chef Simon Street recently visited Sarah at Basilea Living Herbs to explore the farm, feel, taste and smell the delicate produce: the living herbs and gorgeous edible flowers.

What’s so special about Basilea Living Herbs?

For Putia it is that satisfaction that comes from working closely with a local producer who takes pride in their product and follows through with good customer service delivering what we need when we need it.

What we love about Basilea herbs is that we can buy them at different stages of growth from micro herbs to fully-grown to supplement our own Putia herb garden produce.

Sarah, the owner, is so knowledgeable about all things gardening and keeps us on track as to what’s in season, what’s great for planting now, harvest time and also tips on useage especially for the unusual herbs, flowers and edible plants.

It was Sarah, who helped us establish Putia garden and she can assist with any garden project no matter how big or small.

Garden to Plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen - Dominique Rizzo, Sarah, Simon Street

Do fresh herbs matter?

Our Mediterranean cuisine is all about fresh parsley, mint, rosemary and thyme and their fabulous flavours and aromas. Our salads are herb-heavy with gorgeous dill and chives, adding that zest that only comes from living greens.

Garden to Plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen - Fresh herbs

Are edible flowers making a comeback?

For the last fifty years, the only flower that was added to salads or desserts was the nasturtium. Now there is a new sense of awareness of flavour and visual impact of fresh edible flowers. Think of unique flavours like sarsaparilla and aniseed in flowers garnishing fabulous fresh juices and delicate pancakes drizzled with cream.   And the nasturtium is still a winner, stunning in colour with that tantalising taste of honey.

Garden to Plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen - Coconut blueberry loaf

Coconut and blueberry breakfast loaf sprinkled with delicate edible flowers is on Putia’s breakfast menu.

Garden to plate is what fresh food is all about at Putia.

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