What is the cuisine at Putia Pure Food Kitchen?

The question on everyone’s lips is “what is the cuisine at Putia Pure Food Kitchen?”   “What is the food like at Putia?”

What is the food like at Putia: Seafood Pizza

The short answer is that it is seasonal, it is local, it is creative and it is unashamedly Mediterranean cuisine.

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Head Chef Simon Street shares his inspiration for designing a menu showcasing delicious good quality food, providing a balanced array of dishes from seafood to meat, to vegetarian and vegan.

So “what is the cuisine at Putia Pure Food Kitchen?”

Seasonal is the key” says Simon. Every season has a mood and that mood is captured in the taste, the flavours, the smell and the colours of the season.

Locally sourced ingredients are next in importance. We seek local artisans, growers, fishers and providores to supply us with their top quality produce. There is a real sense of responsibility in sourcing sustainable food products that nourish and taste good too.

The cuisine is Mediterranean, renowned as one of the healthiest diets in the world, with our dishes influenced by the cooking of southern Europe and the Middle East, bringing in the tantalizing flavours of the powerful spices and herbs of the region from dukkah to the (house-made) Ras El Hanout and preserved lemons to ageless Italian cheeses.


Take a sneak peak at some of Simon’s favourite ingredients that go into the house tapas and Putia’s share platter and our signature dish for this season: Middle Eastern spiced mushrooms.

What is the cuisine at Putia Pure Food Kitchen - middle-eastern-mushrooms

Lemon olive oil

Mount Zero Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the Agrumato style of cold pressing halved lemons and olives together. This delectable blend artfully combines the flavours of Mount Zero’s fruity olives with the zest of lemon. These beautiful flavours pair well with fish, grilled meats and vegetables.
Origin | VIC

Olive Oil
The Victorian Fino Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend with an intense flavor. Fruity notes balance the robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil resulting in a singular taste sensation.
Origin | VIC

100% Free Range Pork from local growers Gooralie. Made locally in the Northern Rivers it is naturally fermented with very low levels of nitrite. There are no other preservatives; no fillers or binders.
Gruyere Cheese
Heidi Farm Gruyere, with its abundance of industry awards, is considered a benchmark and one of the finest farmhouse cheeses to be produced in Australia. Crafted by hand to a traditional technique using milk from neighbouring farms, this classic Gruyere is wonderfully smooth and nutty in flavour and offers a strong aroma.
Origin | TAS

Vannella’s Ricotta is made by a traditional method that is, by ‘re-cooking’ the enriched whey that results from their other cheese productions.
Origin | NSW

Goat Curd
The extended setting time and gentle draining of the curds contribute to the light, smooth texture of the Goat Curd. The taste is creamy and slightly tangy owing to the locally sourced fresh goat’s milk.
Origin | SA
Fetta Cheese
Olympus’ Greek-style Fetta has a lower salt content than many other imported styles. Mild in taste with a creamy yet firm texture, this Fetta works well in salads, tarts and pastries.
Origin | QLD
Awards | Silver medal, 2010 Dairy Industry Association of Australia.

Local Frozen Berries
100% Australian grown strawberries, raspberries and blueberries sourced from local growers. A little blue, a lot of red with a kiss of local love. These hand-produced berries are carefully mixed and packed to provide just the right balance. It is a versatile mix perfect for smoothies, baking, and garnishing any dessert.
Origin | QLD

What is the food like at Putia -house made olives



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