How to Plan the Perfect Vegan Wedding

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, effort and attention to detail. When it comes to planning a vegan wedding, both bride and groom need to pay even closer attention to every aspect of the upcoming nuptials. Vegans are used to adapting their daily buys to suit a cruelty-free lifestyle, but for many of us, we only have one wedding. This means that planning a vegan wedding can feel like a bit of a step into the unknown and there may be some aspects that could be overlooked. To help you ensure that every aspect of your big day is cruelty-free, we’ve covered all of the bases. Use this guide to plan the perfect vegan wedding for you and your partner.

Find the best caterers
The most obvious aspect of wedding planning that vegans are sure to pay close attention to is the menu. There has been an increase in vegan food options in recent years however quality catering options that would suit a wedding are scarse. Our catering service specialise in fully vegan menus so you’ll be sure of plenty of choice to suit your wedding style. Try out a few different menu samples to see which one you prefer, and choose something with a bit of a wow factor that might sway some of your meateater friends!

Veganise your wedding cake
Wedding cakes are a typically dairy-laden affair that require eggs, milk, butter and often honey or chocolate. However, that doesn’t mean that your cake has to be the same! There are reputable vegan bakers out there who can whip up a delicious and guilt-free treat for you and your partner to cut into on your big day.

Consider your wine and beer list
Let your venue know that you will be hosting a vegan wedding and ask for only certified vegan wines and beers to be served. This information is easily found using apps like Barnivore and it will ensure you can enjoy toasting your wedding without worrying about the ingredients and production process of your drink.

Check your outfit choices
Brides will have to choose their wedding dress with extra care. Fur and leather is easily avoided, but extra diligence will be needed to avoid any silk products in your dress lining or your veil as this is one of the most frequently used materials in wedding dresses. Once you’ve found your perfect vegan wedding dress, keep hold of it to pass down to your daughters or loved ones. A specialist dry cleaner, such as Master Dry Cleaners, offer detailed wedding dress clean and preservation services so you can ensure that your cruelty-free dress can be used again in the future.
Grooms need to avoid any wool suits and silk ties. Both bride and groom should opt for faux leather shoes.

Find a cruelty-free makeup artist
If you are having your makeup professionally applied, you will need to get in touch with a few makeup artists to see if they have a supply of quality vegan makeup at hand, or whether they would be willing to order some in for your use. You should specify for vegan-friendly makeup brushes too. Of course, there are lots of specialised vegan makeup artists you could use for complete peace of mind. Make sure your hairdresser is aware of your choice You also need to let your hairdresser know that you don’t want any styling products that include animal-based keratin, or any other animal-derived products. You should also ask for your hairdresser to use cruelty-free brands that don’t test on animals.

Choose cruelty-free decorations
Ask your reception providers to decorate your venue in a cruelty-free way. This will mean that you need to specify no silk tablecloths or beeswax candles, and for fresh flowers to be used instead of silk flowers. Ask for compassionate wedding gifts We’re sure that your family and friends will know not to gift you any non-vegan items, but you could take your registry one stop further and ask for your guests to donate to animal charities on your behalf instead of buying you presents.

Planning a vegan wedding can be very straight forward once you know where the potential hazards lie. In most cases, simply conveying your desire for a vegan wedding will be enough for everyone involved to work hard to produce a cruelty-free day.

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