Going Vegan at Putia

Going Vegan at Putia is easy with tantalisingly tasty plant-based options.

Going Vegan at Putia - Putia's Vegan Menu by Chef Dominique Rizzo

At Putia, we love creating deliciously tasty and interesting pure plant based vegan dishes for our menu and our customers and we are proud to support clean eating lifestyle choices for everyone.

For our plant-based followers here is a taste of our all-day dining Going Vegan at Putia menu:

  • Vegan breakfast plate with avocado hummus, corn and roasted red pepper salsa, marinated fresh tomatoes, asparagus, cucumber pistachio chilli and black sesame crunch salad, lemon oil;

Go Vegan at Putia - Putia's Vegan Breakfast plate

  • Vegan Green Bowl, chickpea and herb fritter carrot top pesto, grilled zucchini, pea tendril, Bowen semi dried cherry tomato sauté, asparagus, beet relish, smashed avocado and crispy kale;

Going Vegan at Putia - Putia's Vegan green bowl

  • For the sweet tooth, Cacao and coconut chia bowl – a spiced quinoa, nut and banana chia puddings with coconut vanilla bean yoghurt, Cacao nibs, maple and hemp seed crunch, mango, lime and pineapple salsa;

Going Vegan at Putia - Putia's Cacao and coconut chia bowl

  • House-made Gingerbread nut granola, summer fruits, almond milk (or other milk of your choice),
  • Putia’s Buddha salad bowl full of goodness offering a selection of seasonal vegetables, greens and nuts presented in beautiful tasty dressings that enhance the flavour of the vegetables.  Buddha bowls change daily as listed on our specials board 



  • Putia’s Platter for 2 – Vegan style with chickpea and herb fritter, cashew cheeses, pickled and grilled vegetables, Vegan Rosemary, red onion sausages and rustic bread
  • As a side, there are Vegan Rosemary, red onion sausages – perfect combo with the breakfast plate or as seen here with the spicy Indonesian Vegan Nasi Goreng

Going Vegan at Putia - Putia's vegan Nasi Goreng with Vegan sausages


  • And for something to drink, our blended frappe and juices are vegan with a selection of –

Berry Green – honey melon, berries, spinach, kale, lemon pear

Summer Zing – mango, pineapple, ginger, banana, orange juice

Spiced Gazpacho – cucumber, celery, lemon, tomato juice, parsley, spice

The Melon Refresher – watermelon, pear, honey dew, mint, lemon, coconut water

  • We offer dairy alternatives to our coffees, smoothies and ice creams.
  • Many of our other menu dishes can be offered as vegan by substituting non-Vegan protein for Vegan protein.

Sharing the love of Vegan food and learning more about it is easy, go to Happy Cow and keep up with all the vegan news from around the world.

A special note for the not fully fledged vegans and vegetarians or for the fully fledged meat-lovers, there are always meat, chicken and seafood dishes to choose from on our menu.

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