Valentine’s Day at Putia

There is nothing better than slowing down and sharing a meal with someone you love, whether you are cooking a meal or dining by candlelight it is nice to take time out! But, sometimes life can get in the way of getting together, work may have you travelling away from home or getting a babysitter for Valentine’s night is totally impossible unless you have booked three months in advance! If this sounds like you, have no fear Valentine’s Day at Putia has you covered!

Putia Pure Food Kitchen is approximately 10 mins from Brisbane Airport. So, if work has you travelling away from home you can book into Putia and be a hop, skip and a jump from starting your journey! Unable to make a dinner reservation? There are no excuses, escape for the day to Putia Pure Food Kitchen with these two delectable Valentine’s Day offers.

$60 Breakfast for 2

2 Valentine Breakfasts
2 sides of your choice
2 regular coffee/tea
2 glasses of juice

Romantic lunch with a loved one

a glass of bubbles on arrival
Entree, Main & Dessert
a glass of wine or soda

Visit our Events Page to see the sizzling Menu click here

We would love to see you here at Putia for breakfast or lunch on Valentine’s Day!

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