Putia Pure Food Kitchen is bringing Italian Cuisine to Banyo with Chef Yngve Muldal

Putia Pure Food Kitchen is bringing Italian Cuisine to Banyo with Chef Yngve Muldal _ Chef Yngve Muldal

Chef Dominique Rizzo, owner of Putia Pure Food Kitchen is intent on bringing her passion for Italian food to the north side of Brisbane.

Influenced by her regular food and wine tours to Sicily, Dominique is on a quest to share her love for Italian cuisine with the food lovers of Brisbane.

Due to the unprecedented demand for her food tours, Dominique is handing over the kitchen reigns at Putia to Executive Chef Yngve Muldal, well known in this gourmet food precinct of Banyo in his current (and ongoing) role at Clapham Junction Wine Bar and Provisions, owned by Dominique and her partner Simon. Like most of the staff of Putia and Clapham Junction, Yngve and his family are local to Banyo after having recently moved to Australia.

Chef Yngve brings a wealth of talent and experience to his new position at Putia.   He has 15 years’ experience as a chef and restaurateur, starting his career in South Africa, he has worked in London and in the UAE working side by side with numerous world-class chefs in Michelin Star restaurants as well as running resorts in Fiji and now, we are lucky to have him here at the Hub of Banyo.

While with Etihad, Yngve cooked onboard the plane in first class, catering to many celebrities and dignitaries, with his amazing dishes. It also allowed him to travel extensively, to over 45 destinations around the globe, sightseeing, tasting and immersing himself in different cultures and cuisines.

Before settling in Brisbane, Yngve was the Executive Chef at the famed Malolo Island Resort in Fiji, while working there they won numerous awards, the most prestigious was won in his final year in Fiji, winning the Conde Nast Award traveller award for number one resort in Australia and the South Pacific. While in Fiji he also learnt the importance of fresh local produce, starting his own garden as well as helping establish the resort’s organic beehives.

Yngve’s food philosophy is a simple one. He wants people to go back to a time when eating was an interactive experience. He wants to make the guest feel like family. Laughing, talking, sharing, initiate a true family concept. With the essence of Italian culture being based in family, love and laughter, the styles of Yngve and Chef Dominque are a match made in culinary heaven, allowing a new redefined taste of Italy at Putia Pure Food Kitchen.

Putia popular breakfasts and unique food style will continue while sharing the table with plates of your favourite Italian and Sicilian dishes.

Putia Pure Food Kitchen is bringing Italian Cuisine to Banyo with Chef Yngve Muldal - Yngve Muldal

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Putia Pure Food Kitchen menu is at https://putiapurefood.com.au/current-menu/.

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