Who’s Who at Putia Cooking School, Introducing Rani Veerassamy

Presenting the Island of Mauritius Cooking Class at Putia Cooking School, Wednesday 1st May 2019 at 6.30pm

Putia Cooking School in Brisbane offers bespoke cooking classes in cuisines from countries around the world, from Bali to Mauritius to India to Malaysian and to Italy.  Every class offers participants the opportunity to be immersed in the cooking of different cultures.

Putia cooking school - Rani Veerassamy

Rani is from the beautiful island of Mauritius, where the culture is reflected in the food, it is a fusion of Indian, French and Chinese influences which, over the years have developed into a cuisine of its own. When she was growing up in Mauritius, modern conveniences were few and far between. There were no supermarkets or ready-made foods and as a result, traditional methods and ingredients prevailed.

Putia cooking school - Rani Veerassamy rolling spices
Rani’s family is huge and when she was younger, the house was always full of food needing to be prepared for a crowd. She grew up surrounded by the sounds and smells of food constantly being prepared. When she went to Canada to study, she greatly missed the food and culture of her homeland and started returning to Mauritius regularly to learn the methods and traditions from her aunts and other relatives.
Putia cooking school - Rani Veerassamy vegetable filling

When she arrived in Brisbane, she realised that Australian quarantine would not permit the import of homemade seasonings and pickles so she started making her own.   Now Rani is sharing her secrets of this exotic cuisine at our cooking school in Banyo, Brisbane.

Putia cooking school - Rani Veerassamy dessert

With time, friends asked her to teach them to cook and make curry powders and other products for them and from that, Rani’s Cuisine was born.


If you would like to learn how to cook dishes from the Island of Mauritius with Rani, you can book your place on the Mauritius Cooking Class online.



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