How to stay motivated at work – be open to opportunities

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My advice to students graduating from TAFE college today is to enjoy but not to be limited to what is on your piece of paper, your diploma, your certificate, so proudly received.  Congratulations all round on fabulous achievements but then again don’t let it define you or limit you as you move forward in your career as a chef.

Stay motivated at work and create your own choices.  That’s my top tip for you.

This is what I do to stay motivated!

As a restaurant and cooking school owner, chef and a food and wine tours host, my world of work is creative, diverse, demanding and packed with engagements.  It is what I love doing.

That is exactly what this week is like.

Today it’s about addressing the student-packed auditorium at TAFE in South Brisbane, inspiring graduates as they move on from the world of study to work.

Tomorrow it’s about me, the chef at Putia preparing and cooking for a private event before presenting “Flavours from My Travels” cooking class, inspired by my recent food tour to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.

Thursday I am in the other role that I love, talking about food while walking through markets. I do this all over Europe and now, with my friends at Your Local Fruit Shop, I will be walking, talking about the fabulous fresh produce on sale at the Brisbane markets before joining the lucky winner of the prize – breakfast with me.

Meanwhile, somewhere in my busy days, I am preparing and organising for next week at EKKA in Brisbane where I am hosting the food and wine stage every day.  If that wasn’t enough I am also preparing for the special dinners with me, #DinnerwithDom, available for the first time at the EKKA.  Check out what is on the EKKA and on Instagram competition for #DinnerwithDom.

How to stay motivated at work - Dinner with Dom at Ekka 2016


My tip for you to stay motivated at work is to be open to opportunities, put yourself out there to create the life that you want.



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