How to connect as a couple through cooking

It’s possible to talk through the language of cooking, which is why Putia Pure Food Kitchen was featured in an article from Connect Hearing, about ways to communicate non-verbally and bond with your loved ones.

Connect- Dominique prepping for cooking class
Chef Dominque Rizzo lives in a world that revolves around food and cooking, not only at work but in her private and social life. She uses food for much more than just satisfying hunger, as she recognises how important the acts of cooking and eating are, in regard to being able to relate to others.

Connect - Putia Cooking School
Cooking together is a way of uniting people, whether they be family, work colleagues, friends or couples. It represents the universal language of love, without the need for words. In terms of creating bonds, coming together over food helps to promote trust and support. Preparing dishes together can also be a calming, relaxing and memorable experience.

Connect - Cooking class at Putia Cooking School


As you work towards a common end goal, you experience teamwork, develop patience with each other and learn how to be mindful and at the moment. This happens through the concentration and focuses it takes to follow steps, measure ingredients and the time cooking, in order to produce a fantastic end result.

Connect - Cooking lesson at Putia Cooking School
Cooking can also encourage sensuality in a relationship, by savouring tastings together or by feeding each other. When you’ve created your meal, your bond is strengthened by a joint sense of accomplishment and the excitement of being able to share it together. Without words, cooking helps you communicate attentiveness, patience, consideration, fun, focus and sensuality, by enjoying and using the senses of smell, taste, touch and sight.

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