Why most Christmas Parties are ho ho hum


Are your office Christmas parties that awkward mix of small talk and old jokes, where the only thing that you have in common with everyone is work?

How to check if your office party is boring?

Is “work” all anyone can talk about?

Do you mingle, really making that effort to reach out and talk to everyone even though you hardly ever mix with them in the office?

When you eventually sit down for dinner together, are you stuck with the other team, the ones with whom you have little in common?

Do you constantly check the time, thinking about when to make a quiet exit?

Step it up a little
Then break loose from your standard boring Christmas party, forget the self-conscious atmosphere, forget the cocktail party, forget the party pies and cheese and crackers Christmas-in-the-lunch-room and get cooking instead.

With three Christmas cooking classes from which to choose, this year bring your office to Putia, put on your apron, roll up your sleeves, get busy and see who can bake the best Christmas treats in town.
If you want tips on how maintain a Keto low carb/high (good) fat diet over Christmas then this one is for you.
Christmas parties - Why most Christmas Parties are ho ho hum Christmas Keto Workshop Putia Pure Food Kitchen

Imagine making your own Ginger Bread House
Christmas parties - Why most Christmas Parties are ho ho hum Ginger Bread House Cooking Class Putia Pure Food Kitchen

Skip the supermarket mass-produced Christmas tarts and breads, make your own instead
Christmas parties - Why most Christmas Parties are ho ho hum Christmas Baking and Dessert Delights Putia Pure Food Kitchen

After all that fun if you want to kick on after class? Call into Clapham Junction Wine Bar Provisions just a couple of doors down from Putia Pure Food Kitchen.

If you would like to know more about our cooking classes for team building or corporate events, then call us on 3267 8247.

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