How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Welcome to the second in my series on “Cooking Eggs” – How to cook perfect scrambled eggs.


When they are perfect, there are gentle curds of nice soft egg, lovingly turned out of the frypan on to your dish.

How to cook perfect acramble eggs - Putia Pure Food Kitchen scrambled eggs and mushrooms.

What you need is a non-stick frypan and a spatula.


Add a little olive oil or butter to the pan and heat it.

Beat 2 eggs with a fork and add a little water or milk.  If lactose intolerant, add soy or almond milk or any other variety.

Season the egg mixture before adding it to the pan.

The key to a good scramble is a hot pan.  Test it by dropping in a teaspoonful of the egg mixture.  If it starts to cook straight away, then the pan is ready.

Add the egg mixture and when little bubbles start to appear, start to draw in the mixture towards you with the spatula, allowing the rest to cook and then gently draw through it again.  This action creates the soft beautiful curds.

Do this for a couple of minutes until it is almost cooked before gently turning the eggs out of the pan onto the dish where they will continue to cook for a short time.

Serve with warm toast, spinach, bacon, smoked salmon.

Watch on You Tube How to Make Great Scrambled Eggs .

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