Putia Plus Community

Supporting our local community

Putia Pure Food Kitchen is a small business with a big heart!

We love to support our local community and be an active member in the area we call home.

In 2017 we have created Putia + Community so we can focus on sharing and supporting projects that matter to our local community and align with our mission and values.


To inspire and connect with people through the medium of food to provide a unique culinary experience, and to offer our customers, suppliers and the community a multifunctional space with a focus on professional hospitality with a relaxed, warm inviting European feel. To offer a unique range of products and services showcasing quality local produce promoting a culinary education on healthy cooking, healthy eating and positive lifestyle.


Integrity & Professionalism
Quality and Consistency
Passion and Enjoyment

What we don’t support

Personal sponsorships/scholarships
Political groups
Expeditions or overseas travel
Capital fundraising
Religious organisations (not including schools, and charitable causes)

What we love to support

  • Local Events with broad community appeal
  • Projects with a Healthy Food Focus
  • Food rescue projects

Each week Putia Pure Food Kitchen receives numerous requests for donations, but there is only a limited allocated amount of gift vouchers to donate to community groups and charities each year. Unfortunately as a small business we unable to help everyone.

So that we can extend our support to more of our local community we only accept one application for donation per organisation/event per year.

Does your project meet our criteria above?

Please complete our online Donation Request Form.

Please allow two weeks for us to assess your application.