How to cook Thai Sticky Toasted Rice - Chef Dominique Rizzo

How to cook Thai Toasted Sticky Rice

Toasted Sticky Rice (khao kua) gives a crunchy texture and nutty flavour to Larb. Watch Dominique recorded live during her Thai cooking class at Putia School Larb is a staple of Thai food, it’s easy to make, and it’s a brilliant combination of ingredients. A spoon of larb followed by a ball of fresh sticky […]

Mother's Day Recipe Winners- Prize hamper

Mother’s Day Recipe Winners

  Here are our Mother’s Day Recipe Winners of our competition celebrating all of our fabulous mothers in 2016. There is a hearty oxtail stew from Tricia and a delicious side dish of polenta squares from Natasha and one more favourite from Dominique, a borlotti bean dish, great as a side or as a main for […]

Cooking Class Food as Medicine

Cooking Class  Food as Medicine We look to new vitality with a few great tips we picked up from Chef Sam Gowing at her “Food as Medicine” master cooking class at Putia Pure Food Kitchen in April 2016.   Why are Black Chia Seeds trending as a super-food?   Quite simply, black chia seeds repair […]

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class - Ingredients - Putia cooking class

Video Spanish Tapas Cooking Class

  Here I am at my Putia Cooking School at the Spanish Tapas Cooking Class and I’m sharing with you my tips for Spanish Tapas. In my Spanish Tapas Cooking Class, it’s not all about chorizo and manchego cheese. There are so many other ingredients and flavours that you can bring into your Spanish kitchen. […]

Wholefood - green creeper at Putia Pure food Kitchen

Wholefoods Cooking Class for Health and Vitality

Five quick tips for getting health and vitality back into your life with wholefoods cooking class Tip No. 1. No wholefood meal is complete without leafy green vegetables.   The “greens” – kale, spinach, collards and shallots cook in literally a minute or two. A side of greens adds a dash of colour to one of […]