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Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia

What’s for breakfast at Putia Pure Food Kitchen when eggs are not on your list?  If you are not eating eggs because you are vegan or if it’s a dietary choice, then we have you covered.   Here are our Top 5 Egg-Free Breakfast Options at Putia. # 1  Black Sticky Rice Pudding with pineapple, passionfruit, lychee […]

10 Low Carb Menu Options

Putia Pure Food Kitchen – Low Carb Menu Options Putia Pure Food Kitchen will be undergoing some positive changes over the next few months leading into the Festive Season and into the New Year. Not only will we continue to provide a fresh menu that changes with the seasons, we have also listened to some […]

How to Cook Perfect Fried Eggs

Welcome to the third in my series on Cooking Eggs. We’ve poached and we’ve scrambled and now it’s time to share a tip on how to cook Sicilian fried eggs. Watch on my YouTube “How to Cook Perfect Fried Eggs” What you need is a pan, either non-stick or stainless steel. Add a little splash of oil, […]

How to Cook Perfect Poached Eggs

Welcome to my series on how to cook eggs. Cooking eggs sounds simple, but people often ask me how to cook perfect poached eggs without them being over or undercooked or sticking to the pan. Eating eggs 2-3 times a week is a great way to enjoy a lean healthy protein. Protein is made up of amino […]

How to Cook Pad Thai & Chicken Green Curry

How to cook Pad Thai and Green Chicken Curry and recipes as featured at Putia School: These are two of my favourite Thai recipes that will have you cooking Thai at home in your kitchen as good as any take-away.   You can cook both dishes and serve with toasted sticky rice for a Thai family […]

How to cook Thai Toasted Sticky Rice

Toasted Sticky Rice (khao kua) gives a crunchy texture and nutty flavour to Larb. Watch Dominique recorded live during her Thai cooking class at Putia School Larb is a staple of Thai food, it’s easy to make, and it’s a brilliant combination of ingredients. A spoon of larb followed by a ball of fresh sticky […]