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Italian Long Table Lunch – A story in pictures

  Our Easter Sunday Italian Long Table Lunch was in the tradition of a Sicilian family special meal with brightly coloured tables groaning with an abundance of home-cooked dishes, that kept coming and coming. The flavours of Italy, arguably the best cuisine in the world, were showcased in delectable antipasto, melt-in-your-mouth pasta, delicious vegetable dishes, […]

Going Native with Australian Rainforest Foods

Looking for something so uniquely different to add to your cooking repertoire? Or are you an avid gardener interested in recipes to include some of your own harvest of native foods? We have the perfect cooking class for you! Here at Putia we are very passionate about bringing something unique and a little different to […]

Garden to plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen

Garden to plate at Putia Pure Food Kitchen with Basilea Living Herbs At Putia we often talk about how we value our local producers and the quality of their produce that makes our food so fresh, healthy and delicious. That’s the difference that counts.   Basilea Living Herbs is special for exactly that reason. Chef Dominique […]

What does nourish really mean?

Sometimes in our fast-paced lives we forget the true meaning of certain words which we see and hear on a daily basis. For example, the word nourish, what does it really mean? I know what you’re saying to yourself “of course I know what nourish means, nourish means to feed, to maintain life!” But if […]

What is the cuisine at Putia Pure Food Kitchen?

The question on everyone’s lips is “what is the cuisine at Putia Pure Food Kitchen?”   “What is the food like at Putia?” The short answer is that it is seasonal, it is local, it is creative and it is unashamedly Mediterranean cuisine. Watch “What is the cuisine at Putia Pure Food Kitchen?” on YouTube […]

How to Cook Potato Flatbread by Chef Simon Street

Head Chef Simon Street at Putia Pure Food Kitchen shares his tips on how to cook potato flatbread Middle Eastern style, a gluten-free alternative to pizza bread. Serve it with Middle Eastern spiced mushrooms the way we do at Putia or with bruschetta, pizza sauce, fetta cheese and dips. What you need: Mashed potatoes 1/4 […]